Windows 7 Beta Screenshot Tour – Installation

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Just when Microsoft is starting to get Vista right, they announce the upcoming release of their next operating system. Microsoft is speculated to launch Windows 7, their new operating system sometime in 2010. The new operating system is expected to sport the enhancements that were slated for Vista but never made it to production, among those features is the ability to format a drive using WINFS, the inclusion of a dock (similar to macs), and many other features that were left out.

I managed to get a copy of Windows 7 Beta build 6801, this build is slightly behind the latest build which is 6933, but it is still an opportunity to take a peek at what Microsoft will be working on for the next 3 years. I put together a series of screenshots that were produced during the installation of windows 7. I will continue to update the website with more screenshots of the new OS. If you are interested in a particular area that you would like to see, let me know and I’ll post it up so that everyone can see. Check back soon as more of these tours will be uploaded on If you have any comments or questions, please post them below.

Note: I installed Windows 7 on a virtual pc, some of the visual enhancements like aero are disabled as a result