Will Amazon’s Tablet Finally Put a Stop to the iPad?

With rumors of Amazon’s tablet launch in September running amuck on the web, I figured I give my two cents on this supposed iPad competitor.

We all know that Motorola has had a tough time selling Xooms, Samsung has had poor performance with the Tab and now HP decided to pull out of the tablet and PC business altogether.

As Rhoda Alexander from iSuppli puts it, “…this remains a one-horse race.”

It’s the Software and the Content Stupid

The reason for Apple’s continued success and the failure of others is the simple fact that all other tablet manufacturers are playing catch-up with a company that perfected the software and the content before launching the tablet while ensuring that they had enough cheap supply contracts (LCDs and other components) to build these things with large margins.

People Want Affordable Quality

Unlike other competitors, Amazon may actually have a chance at presenting a formidable challenge to Apple. Here’s why, Amazon’s name and a low price.

Most of the tablets competing with the iPad that were manufactured by known companies like Samsung, Motorola, and HP hovered above the $500 price point for base models.

The Unknown Tablets

You could find other Android-powered tablets from less known companies for about $250-$350 a good price point, but with an unfamiliar brand it probably detracted from tablet buyers looking for something solid.

Amazon’s Opportunity

This is where Amazon has an opportunity to use its name and the experience it has garnered from developing, marketing and selling the Kindle to launch a formidable sub-$500 tablet.

If Amazon is able to match or even exceed the iPad’s specifications and price it somewhere in the $350-$450 range for the base model, I think that would put some pressure on Apple’s market dominance in the tablet market.

And I’m not talking about and Amazon “Nook” here, I’m referring to an Amazon “iPad” in terms of quality and specs. We are looking for a tablet that can function as an eBook reader not the other way around.

What do you think? Will it take more than price and quality to compete against Apple?