What’s in Your Computer Bag?

One of the great advantages of running a business online is the ability to work anywhere, so long as there is a Wi-Fi connection of course.

And the most important thing while working away from home is having a gear bag with all the essentials.

Because the last thing you want is not to have packed that extension cord which gives you access to the outlet three tables away at the local Starbucks. It’s happened before.

In My Computer Bag

So, to give other mobile workers ideas and inspiration for things that should be in a properly equiped computer bag, I decided to photograph my gear and post it on Flickr with annotations.

My Computer Bag

When you click on the image which should take you to Flickr, you will be able to see the annotations for each of the items pictured above.

For those of you who would rather stay on this page, her’s a list of the items pictured above.

Items in My Computer Bag

  • 2010 17-inch MacBook Pro (I use Parallels for Windows 7, but there’s nothing like running it on the Lenovo)
  • 14-inch Lenovo T61
  • My handy notepad
  • iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi/3G
  • Google Nexus One (I carry an iPhone, the Nexus is strictly for articles)
  • Magic Mouse
  • Business cards for GilsMethod.com & GJP Media
  • 4GB Sandisk Cruzer
  • Panasonic Lumix camera (great camera for HD videos)
  • Mini Display Port to VGA for Mac
  • 5-Hour Energy bottle
  • Refillable water bottle
  • 2-Port USB wall charger
  • Sweet & Salty Peanut bar
  • Ear buds
  • Two USB cables for iOS devices
  • USB car charger which is great for rentals
  • I also carry a 6-outlet extension cord which is not pictured above.

Now that you know what’s in my bag, well, what’s in yours?