Weekly Wallpaper: Trip Around the World – Shanghai, China

    If you’re looking for a place that blends modern and ancient, there’s no better place to visit than Shanghai.

    With it’s bustling economy China has invested tons of money in developing its cities especially for the 2010 Olympics that were hosted in Beijing.

    This collection of wallpapers takes you to some of the most awesome cityscapes Shanghai has to offer.

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    Pudong, Shanghai

    Weekly wallpaper shanghai city

    Download wallpaper / Photo Credit ikiller123.

    LuPu Bridge

    Weekly wallpaper shanghai pudong bridge

    Download wallpaper / Photo Credit Steadfast1898.

    Shanghai Expo Latvia Pavilion

    Weekly wallpaper shanghai expo pavilion

    Download wallpaper / Photo Credit Ron.F.

    Shanghai Expo Center Pavilion

    Weekly wallpaper shanghai expo center pavilion

    Download wallpaper / Photo Credit Ron.F.

    Shanghai by Night

    Weekly wallpaper shanghai by night

    Download wallpaper / Photo Credit Claude Barutel.

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