Weekly Wallpaper: Trip Around the World-Barcelona

    Last week we posted some beautiful pictures of Paris, this week we’re going to go to neighboring Spain and visit Gaudi’s Barcelona. This is also kind of a tribute to Spain for their contributions to the exploration and re-discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus. Each photograph has a download link that will take you to the respective Flickr page so that you can download the size that best fits your screen. Make sure to follow these instructions to change your computer’s wallpaper.

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    Barcelona Sunset Wallpaper


    Download wallpaper.

    Parc Güell Wallpaper


    Download wallpaper.

    National Art Museum of Calonia, Barcelona Wallpaper


    Download wallpaper.

    Ceilings of La Sagrada Familia Wallpaper


    Download wallpaper.

    Casa Batlló Wallpaper


    Download wallpaper.

    What city should we feature for the next Weekly Wallpaper?