Weekly Wallpaper: Happy Hanukkah

    This week we will take a break from our trip around the world wallpapers to celebrate the holidays. In the next four weeks leading to the end of the year we will focus on holiday themes for our wallpapers to get everyone in holiday spirits. This first set of wallpapers is focused on Hanukkah which starts today.

    Each photograph has a download link that will take you to the respective Flickr page so that you can download the size that best fits your screen. Make sure to follow these instructions to change your computer’s wallpaper.

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    A Golden Hanukkah


    Download wallpaper.

    The Last Night of Hanukkah


    Download wallpaper.

    Hanukkah Menora


    Download wallpaper.

    Golden Dreidel


    Download wallpaper.

    Images via linked Flickr accounts.