Weekly Wallpaper: Haunt Your Desktop with these 5 Halloween Wallpapers

    We are going to take a break from our trip around the world wallpapers and we are going to show you some Halloween related wallpapers to get you in the Halloween spirit for this weekend. So check out the images below or search Flickr for more Halloween related images.

    Each photograph has a download link that will take you to the respective Flickr page so that you can download the size that best fits your screen. Make sure to follow these instructions to change your computer’s wallpaper.

    If you have any comments or questions please use the comments form at the end of the article.

    It Started Out with a Kiss


    Download wallpaper.

    Spider Attack!


    Download wallpaper.

    Funny Pumpkins


    Download wallpaper.

    Moon Landing


    Download wallpaper.

    Casper, Anyone?


    Download wallpaper.

    Next week we’ll resume our trip around the world wallpapers, until then have a safe Halloween!