Use Bing to Purchase Your Next Football Ticket

Bing’s fall update brings a ton of new features and functionality that makes the Google search rival even more useful. The latest update includes a feature which mashes FanSnap’s venue maps and event catalog with Bing’s search experience.


Bing’s new search feature will allow you to do the following:

  • View ticket results for more than 15 million tickets to 75,000 events from 57 ticket companies.
  • See ticket selection and price ranges at a glance, and zoom into a row- level view to check out offers from multiple providers.
  • Use the “Best Value” feature, to quickly highlight to find ticket offers that are priced significantly lower than surrounding seats.
  • See “view-from-seat” feature for many venues that will be rolled out over the next month.
  • Compare ticket offers from multiple providers in a simple list format to quickly see the best deal.

So next time you are in the market for a event tickets make sure you head over to Bing first for the best search results.

Via Bing Search Blog.