Use aTube Catcher to Download Your Favorite YouTube Videos


If you are a YouTube fan, and downloading videos, converting video files, downloading mP3 music files etc is your favorite past time, then the aTube Catcher really deserves to be on your list of must-have applications.

Atube Catcher mp3 downloaderI came across this software a few years back, while frantically searching for a good application or website that could easily download and convert YouTube videos. I must say, I spent a lot of time experimenting with all sorts of websites just to end up being disappointed. Not to mention, I downloaded and installed several applications that claimed to be the ultimate solution for all video downloading needs, but only if you purchased it. I was looking to save money so I kept searching for free software, until I ran into aTube Catcher. Ever since then I needed no other media software. The software has gained popularity over the last few years and it’s functionality as well as interface has changed remarkably. The latest version, 2.2.527 provides you with a one stop solution for all your video and digital content needs. And what’s best thing is that the application is free! Here’s a list of what this great application can do for you.

Downloads and Converts Almost Any Video

To download as well as convert videos from any video hosting portal, all you need to do is copy the video URL and paste it in the URL space given in the software. The older versions simply allowed you to convert the media files into a few basic formats such as WMV, WMA, AVI, etc, but this latest version allows you to convert a video file from YouTube, Google Video, DailyMotion, etc into any file format you wish for! Be it MP3 (medium and high quality), 3GP, DVD (PAL and NTSC), XBOX, Zune, MP4, iPOD, iPhone, and the list goes on! With just one simple click, your entire video file is converted into all the major file formats needed for playing on various devices. Imagine downloading your favorite videos and playing them on any device you like!

Search Videos and Music Online

This software also allows you to conduct a video search using YouTube. All you have to do is enter the video name and the search results will appear within the application. You have a list of all video clips (the site takes videos from YouTube) related to that search term. What’s best is you can view, download and convert all at the same time! If you want to search for an MP3 file, no longer do you have to crawl Google. Let aTube do the crawling for you! Enter the song name and you will find hundreds of files listed along with their download destination. You can even listen to the song, before deciding to download it. Isn’t that simply cool?

Burn CD’s and DVD’s

As if the above qualities were not enough, you also have the option of burning those very same converted files (or any other file you want) into a DVD, CD, VCD format for the DVD and CD player! This was not possible before and one had to go to great lengths to download, convert and then burn it for a DVD player compatible format! For anyone who is a media geek, I suggest you start using aTube Catcher and enjoy it’s all in one services!

Download a free copy of aTube from the developer website.

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