Tired of Crossword Puzzles? Try A Google a Day Instead


It’s no doubt crossword puzzles are a popular brain game, but sometimes they just get repetitive, old, or just boring. Trivia games can be a new and exciting alternative to your daily crossword puzzles and now if you get the New York Times you will get an added trivia questions right above the daily crossword. This trivia isn’t just any trivia question, it’s A Google a Day, where you use Google to find the answers. A website designed specifically for a Google a day has been setup and can be found at agoogleaday.com. This special search engine removes any live updates, such as from Twitter, so that you can’t find the easy answer. However, if you choose to, you can still use the standard Google search engine.

Just like the daily crossword on the New York Times, A Google a Day will have a daily question along with an answer and how to find it. These answers will both appear on the paper as well on the agoogleaday.com website. Of course these questions won’t be very simple, so you will have to try a couple of different searches to help find these Jeopardy-like questions.

So take a few minutes out of your busy day to help enhance your searching skills and to learn something new. Google is full of knowledge; it’s just only a search away from gaining it.