Tip: Resize Icons to Make Space in the Windows 7 Taskbar

As a technology blogger whose focus is to write about software, you can only imagine how many applications I have running at any given time. Even with a widescreen monitor I run into trouble with the number of icons displayed on the taskbar which results in having to scroll through the icons on the Taskbar. Fortunately you can change the size of the icons in the Taskbar so that more icons fit within the space provided without having to scroll through the bar.

This short tutorial will show you how to resize the icons on the Windows 7 Taskbar.

Note: I used Windows 7 Ultimate for this tutorial.


Taskbar with large icons pictured above.


1. Right-click on the Taskbar.

2. Click on Properties from the menu.


3. When the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window opens, toggle on the Use small icons checkbox.

4. Click OK to save the settings.


The Taskbar icons should have resized allowing for more space on the Taskbar.