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Disable Keyboard Clicking on the iPad

How to Turn Off the Keyboard Clicking on the iPad

Like the iPhone, I found myself quickly annoyed by the clicking sound made each time a key is tapped on the iPad. I looked...
Read free ebooks on your iPad

How to Access 30,000 FREE eBooks for the iPad

With over 30,000 free eBooks in the ePub format, Project Gutenberg will probably be one of the most frequented sites by iPad owners. The...
How to Change iPad Wallpaper

How to Change the iPad’s Wallpaper

Already bored with the default iPad wallpaper? Don't worry unlike the iPhone which really doesn't have a wallpaper functionality, the iPad does, and you...
Enable Bluetooth in iPad

How to Enable the Bluetooth Radio on Your iPad

Want to connect your wireless headphones or the Apple Wireless Keyboard to your iPad? You will first need to enable the Bluetooth radio before you can...
Join Wireless Network with iPad

How to Join a Wireless Network with the iPad

Your iPad probably arrived with the Wi-Fi radio turned off and no way of getting onto the Internet. If you want to get online...
Transfer Pictures from Your iPad to Your Computer

How to Copy Pictures from the iPad to Your Computer

So you received your new iPad and want to transfer pictures stored from emails, websites, and screenshots you've taken to your computer. So, how...