Subscriptions Now Available at the App Store


Today, Apple announced that they are offering a new service for publishers, which allows them to create subscriptions. The subscriptions are available in weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly and yearly intervals and will allow publishers to easily integrate it into their current or future Apps. Billing for subscriptions will still uses the same system that the App Store uses, making it easier for publishers to manage.

Since Apple is trying to promote this new subscription service they have made a great incentive for publishers to use it. Publishers will receive 100% of the subscription profits if they bring in customers to use the subscription service. However, if Apple brings in a customer they will only make 70% off of that subscription, still only giving 30% of the profits to Apple. Either way it’s a win-win situation for publishers. Publishers will still earn money if they don’t promote their subscription service, but they will receive even more profit if they promote the subscription themselves.

The subscription service isn’t just limited to Apple products. Publishers can also use the subscription service on their own website or other means.

The privacy of the transactions will now also be based upon the publisher’s privacy policy, rather than Apple’s, thus expanding the use of more data. Customers can choose to give publishers their name, email and zip code if they choose, but it is not a required to make a subscription. Publishers are also given the option to allow for more information to be shared upon approval from the customers.