How to Speed Up Your Sprint Wireless Card

I bought my Sprint PCS EVDO card about a month ago. I loved the fact that no matter where I was I had internet connection, the only thing I noticed was that my speed was not as fast as I had expected. I did a little research online and found that the average connection speed using the  EVDO card from Sprint was about 630Kbps – I was connecting at 230Kbps, that’s close to 4X the speed of dial up! Not what I was looking for. So I called up Sprint, after being transferred to about 4 different technical departments, I finally ran into someone who knew something about my situation. He quickly asked me to check the max speed of the connection, via the connection properties; it was set at 230Kbps – the speed I was constantly connecting at. He asked me to set it at the max (921.6Kbps), after this change I have been connecting at that speed constantly.

The technician that solved my problem explained that the Sprint PCS Connection software, when installed sets the default max speed to about 230Kbps. So for those of you who have the card and have not made changes to the default connection settings; please follow the steps below to unleash your cards’ true speed potential. As always comments/suggestions are  welcome.

Click on the pic tutorial link to view the guide -> View Tutorial

1. Go to Start > Connect To > Sprint PCS – Your Card Manufacturers Name (In my case it’s the Novatel Wireless card).

2. A dialog box will open with the current status of the connection. Click on Properties.

3. Another dialog box opens, make sure you are in the General tab, click on the Sprint card installed and click on Configure directly below.

4. A dialog box will open with several settings, click on the Maximum Speed drop-down menu and select 921600, click OK.