Smart Labels Now Available in Gmail Labs


Having an organized Inbox not only helps save time by sorting everything into groups, but also allows for a cleaner, smoother feeling Inbox. An Inbox can get cluttered easily with Forum messages, constant Facebook updates and other miscellaneous notifications. While you probably read over them briefly, they’re typically not something that has to clutter up your Inbox, which is why Google has created the Smart Labels feature for Gmail Labs.

Enabling Smart Labels in Gmail Labs will declutter your Inbox by organizing certain messages into three categories: Bulk, Forums and Notifications. Bulk messages will include mass mailing messages, such as that from your favorite retail store or blog. The Forums label will obviously include updates from the forum you use on a regular basis as well as other group-like emails. The Notifications label includes receipts, bank and credit card statements, and other similar alerts.

All of these types of messages are automatically moved from your Inbox into their correct label, thus making your Inbox clearer. Since this is a Gmail lab feature, it will not appear in everyone’s Inbox, only those that choose to enable it. These new Smart Labels will work in conjunction with other labels you’ve created in the past. However, by enabling the Smart Labels it will probably make you think about removing some of your older labels.