Showcase Your Business with 360 Degree Photos in Google Places


Finding photos of a business are always good sources of data about a business, but pictures can only tell a thousand words. A couple of pictures doesn’t really give you the whole ambiance of a business, but a 360 degree view does. Now with Google Places you’ll be able to see 360 degree views of select businesses across in the United States, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

The 360 degree view typically includes the storefront and the interior of the business. The full 360 degrees are all in high quality and gives you a great view of not only the business itself, but the surround area outside of the business.

The 360 degree view can be seen from a business’ Google Place page. Underneath the Map on the business listing you’ll now find a small screenshot of the Google Street view. Businesses with a 360 degree viewing will have a small arrow on them on the right side, which will usually bring up the storefront 360 view and then the interior 360 degree view.

Here are a couple of businesses that already have the 360 degree view on their Place page