Share Your Local Knowledge with Google Map Maker


Google Maps is a great resource for finding addresses and places in your city, but it’s not always 100% accurate or includes all of the places you’re looking for. Now, with Google Map Maker being available in the US you can now help fix these problems on your local maps by giving your own local input. Here’s a short video of the new program:

Google Map Maker has been around for a while now, but hasn’t been available to the United States. Before Map Maker, only 15% of the world had detailed local maps, but now since it’s been accessible, over 183 countries cover nearly 30% of local towns. Places like the IIT of Bombay have already seen great improvements and details to their local maps.

Now you can make any adjustment to Google Maps with Map Maker, whether it’s adding a road, fixing the name, description, or location of a place or whether it’s adding your favorite shortcut to class; the possibilities are endless. If you know your local area well enough head on over to Google Map Maker to help improve your community and help others understand it as well as you do.