Secure Your Hotmail Account from Hijackers


Account hijacking is nothing new to the account and email world and there really hasn’t been much of a stolen account decrease over time. Hijackers are finding new ways everyday to steal your account information, so it’s important to make your account as secure as possible. Every email provider, even Gmail and Hotmail have issues with Hijackers. There’s no permanent way to stop them especially since there so many accounts out there that are easily hijacked. While some security relies on the email provider, a lot of it also resides on the end user.

Microsoft has taken some initiative to help prevent hijackers from taking your account. Hotmail is now monitoring for strange activity, such as sending a lot of email that is marked as spam. If Hotmail detects strange activity they will immediately block your account.

You will then have to use the account recovery wizard to help restore your account. Your account can be restored by following some simple steps, but you must make sure you have this information is already in your account; otherwise you’ll have to contact a support representative to help you along.

You should provide a secondary email and phone number so that verification codes can be sent to either medium. Providing these credentials also helps you reset your password if you forget it in the future.