How to Rename Multiple Files Simultaneously

View Tutorial In this brief tutorial you will learn how to rename multiple files without having to go through the trouble of renaming one by one. This is a great way of renaming pictures for a particular event. Instead of sticking to the names that the camera designates you can have your pictures renamed to something more familiar and search friendly. An example would be; your camera takes pictures with names like DCS-0001, DCS-0002, DCS-0003, etc. These names have no value to you or your computers search. Now if you grabbed that same group of pictures and renamed them as group for an event, Rome Trip, then all the pictures that you selected would be renamed to Rome Trip (1), Rome Trip (2), Rome Trip (3). This in turn would make it easier for you to find pictures when you’re doing a search on your computer as well organizing your collection for future use. As always comments and questions are welcome.

1. Select all the files you wish to rename – if all the pictures you wish to rename are within the same folder then you can hit Ctrl + A (with out the + of course) that should select all the pictures within that folder.

2. Right click any of the pictures and select Rename from the menu – alternately you can hit F2 and that will allow you to rename the pictures as well.

3. Go ahead and input the name you would like to apply to all of the pictures and hit Enter, you’re done.

All of the pictures should have been named the name you assigned them followed by (number)