How to Disable Your Computer’s Startup & Shutdown Sounds

View Tutorial "You just sat down in a conference call (which you’re late for), your boss is in the room with his boss at the other end of the line with another three supervisors listening in, your notes are on the laptop so you turn it on, only to realize you had left the volume full blast when you were listening to music the night before. The famous WINDOWS STARTUP theme at full blast in the middle of the conference call….right about now you wish you could hide under your laptop."

Unfortunately I can say this has happened to me in the past both at work and in the middle of my professor’s long speech on how the Romans plundered Europe. So in order to prevent this from happening to any of you I have devised this little tutorial that will keep you from embarrassing yourself. Follow the steps below or view the visual guide by clicking on the icon above. As always comments and suggestions are welcome.

1. Go to Start > Control Panel, click on Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices – under Pick a task, click on Change the sound scheme.

2. A window will open, make sure the Sounds tab is selected. Under the Program Events list select Start Windows, from the Sounds drop down scroll until you find (None), select it. Repeat for Windows Logoff, Windows Logon, and Exit Windows.

3. (Optional) You can save this sound scheme (with the changes we just made) so that you can change back and forth between the default settings and the ones you’ve designated.

4. Under the same Sounds tab, where it says Sound Scheme, select Save As…

5. Give your scheme (I chose Disable Startup & Shutdowns Sounds for this example) a distinctive name – click OK.

6. Click OK again to apply your settings.