Think Your Presentation Skills Are Good? Submit Your Slideshow to SlideFest


We’ve all seen presentations with overcrowded slides that have way too many effects, some of which you might have created yourself. Microsoft knows these problems are common and is out to help you create great presentations with SlideFest.

SlideFest is a good starter site for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or any previous version of PowerPoint to help you create a great presentation. There are a bunch of Do’s and Don’ts videos to help you understand what to do and what not to do. Another section called Slide School 101 will give you a list of Tips, Tricks and Resources that you can use achieve great PowerPoint presentations.  To test your skills you can even fix up some sample bad presentations that Microsoft has provided for you.

Here’s a good example of what not to do with graphs in PowerPoint:

To help advertise this site, Microsoft is looking for the best presentations out there. Starting April 11th, you will have the chance to win a trip to TEDActive, a Kinect, or Microsoft Office for PC/Mac by submitting your best presentation to the SlideFest site.  Microsoft will bring the submissions down to the top 20, which will then be voted on by you, the people. Will your presentations be good enough or will you be a “graph gaffe”?