Give Your Presentations a Seasonal Flair with PowerPoint’s New Themes


Everyone has used PowerPoint at least once in their lifetime and making a presentation look good is always one of the biggest problems facing presenters. Sure, you could make your own background, select fonts, colors and everything else, but most people want a premade theme for their presentation that looks good and works; it’s just easier and usually looks better.

One of the most common areas that Microsoft hasn’t covered on themes is seasonal items. Back in August, Microsoft released a Summer theme to help fill in the seasonal gap, but that was six months ago. What are people supposed to do about Winter and Spring and even Fall? Well as of the February 22nd, you can now receive an update for all four seasons. This includes blue for Winter, green for Spring, orange for Summer and Red for Autumn. This update, unfortunately, only applies to those who have PowerPoint 2010.

This update can be applied by allowing content updates from Microsoft. To do this, just go to the Design Tab, click on the drop-down menu button and click Enable Content Updates from  This will allow you to receive the seasonal themes as well as any additional themes that they will be releasing in the future, as well as any they have released in the past that you don’t have.