Get Ready to Ditch Your Mobile Minutes – Official Google Voice App Approved by Apple

TechCrunch reports that Apple’s July 2009 decision to reject the Google Voice App from the App Store has been retracted, this means that the Google Voice App will soon appear in the App Store. This announcement comes at a time after Apple revamped its App Store guidelines to allow more leeway for applications that duplicate features already found on the iPhone, the original reason why the application was rejected in the first place.

So what does this mean for you as an iPhone user? If you are able to make phone calls using voice over IP (VOIP) rather than through the cell phone carrier’s network (voice portion) you can literally go without a voice plan and just stick to the data plan which will be used to make phone calls. Of course, this means you would have to be in an area where there is good data coverage. Alternately you can downsize your voice plan to the minimum and use that whenever you are out of the data coverage area.

We’ve written about Google Voice and how great it is to manage incoming and outgoing phone calls, we’ve also covered how to use Google Voice a la Skype for free. If you’re still not sure how Google Voice works or have questions about the service make sure to check out our Google Voice Frequently Asked Questions section.

The App does not appear to be in the App Store as of this morning and it may be due to Google’s intent to update the App to use iSO4 features. Remember that the App was initially submitted to the App store last year right when iOS4 made its debut.

Will you switch your voice plan to data only if Google Voice allows for free VOIP calling?

Via TechCrunch