Non-Internet Explorer Users Can Now Earn Bing Rewards


A few years ago, Bing Introduced a great cashback program called Bing Cashback, but it had to eventually be shut down. Last September, Bing tried a new, similar program called Bing Rewards, where the user would complete tasks to earn credits for different rewards; similar to that of credit card companies. However, Bing Rewards were only available to those using Internet Explorer and the Bing Bar, limiting the service to many users. Now, Bing has made Bing Rewards available on the Bing Homepage for everyone using Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

You can earn rewards from a variety of methods, some free and some not. A lot of the free rewards have to do with helping the Bing experience by either searching on Bing or learning about Bings’ features. If you sign up today, you will also get 250 free credits.

Users can redeem their credits for a variety of rewards, none of which seem to be cash. You have a bunch of different gift cards available from popular places like Starbucks and Amazon. You can also earn credits for Microsoft related products like Microsoft Points or Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions.

Will Bing Rewards work better and last longer than Bing Cashback? Only time will tell.