10 Essential Apps for Your New iPad 2


    The iPad 2 is here. And with it, iPad 2 owners are faced with a familiar dilemma. There are over 65,000 iPad-specific apps out there. Which iPad apps are absolute must-haves?

    The problem is that there is no absolute list of apps that would satisfy all users, hopefully this list will address that issue.The following is a list of apps for the iPad 2 that would probably fit the essentials bill for a great majority of iPad users.

    1. VMWare View

    0 essential list ipad apps vmware

    VMware is already a powerful global brand in cloud infrastructure and virtualization. You can now use your iPad 2 to remotely access your Windows desktop, data and applications from anywhere using VMWare’s View Client for the iPad.

    Available free from the App Store.

    2. 1Password

    Grappling with too many user ids and passwords to access all kinds of websites and online services?

    0 essential list ipad apps 1password

    With the 1Password app, you can securely store all your important login credentials and log into your favorite websites with a single tap on your iPad 2. No need to solely rely on your memory to remember all those passwords and URLs.

    Download from the App Store for $14.99.

    3. Amazon Kindle

    0 essential list ipad apps kindle

    Plunge into a book reader’s paradise by converting your iPad 2 into an Amazon Kindle e-reader with this app.

    The Kindle app gives iPad 2 users access to close to 1 million books in Amazon’s Kindle Store – more books than iBookstore. This app boasts an easy on the eyes, beautiful reading interface.

    Download Kindle for the iPad from the App Store. Free.

    4. Urbanspoon

    Do not panic when trying to find a nice place to have a meal. The Urbanspoon app for the iPad 2 can quickly run you through the best restaurants in your city or neighborhood.

    0 essential list ipad apps urbanspoon

    Zero in on your preferred restaurant by location, cuisine and prices. Take a peek at the pleasant or disappointing experiences of people that have frequented the restaurant in the recent past.

    Download Urbanspoon from the App store. Free.

    5. Netflix

    Netflix has carved a niche as a leader in streaming movie and TV show content over the internet. The Netflix app for the iPad 2 brings this experience to your tablet.

    0 essential list ipad apps netflix

    Select from a huge range of movies & programs. Pause and resume from your preferred device whether it the computer or TV.

    Note: You need to be a Netflix member to use the service.

    Download Netflix for the iPad. Free.

    6. GoodReader

    0 essential list ipad apps goodreader

    A PDF reader that has captivated the iPad universe. In 2010, GoodReader was the top selling non-Apple iPad app in the US.

    This is one app that most would agree can be classified as essential for every iPad 2 owner. Allows users to read and markup documents including eBooks, pictures and maps. Impressive speed in opening large 100MB+ files.

    Download GoodReader for $4.99 from the App Store.

    7. Dropbox

    The handy tool for telecommuting workers and distributed computing is also available for the iPad 2.

    0 essential list ipad apps dropbox

    Use this free app to automatically move and instantly synchronize files between devices and users wherever they are located on the planet.

    Download Dropbox and use with a free Dropbox account.

    8. Word Lens

    Every once in a while you come across a word or some text in a language you do not understand and need to translate it quickly.

    0 essential list ipad apps word lens

    How about pointing your iPad 2’s camera at the text and getting an instant translation on your screen? That’s exactly what the Word Lens app does.

    Download Word Lens from the App Store free.

    9. CNBC Real Time

    Waiting till evening to know that your stocks have taken a beating can be an expensive gamble.

    0 essential list ipad apps cnbc real time

    The CNBC Real Time app is for the stock market investor who must have real time information on the happenings at the NASDAQ and the NYSE. Clearly not everyone’s cup of tea but a great app nevertheless.

    Download Word Lens from the App Store free.

    10. TED

    0 essential list ipad apps ted

    Wish you were at the TED conference, but didn’t get the invitation? Check out the TED iPad app with over 700 TED conference videos that range from solving poverty issues to bringing technology to everyone.

    It’s a great resource for inspiration and ideas.

    Download TED from the App Store free.

    Think other apps should be on this list? Please post your thoughts below.