Keep Your Mac Updated with AppFresh

Why bother using Apple’s upcoming App Store for the Mac to keep your applications updated when you can use AppFresh to keep all of your Mac’s applications updated (including Apple’s) right now. AppFresh integrates with Apple’s Update engine so you only have to run one update service on your Mac, like it’s Apple counterpart AppFresh downloads and installs the available updates for all the applications installed on your Mac. It even supports updates for widgets, preference panes, and plugins. So if you’re looking to make sure that all of your applications are up to date with a click of a button make sure to download AppFresh for your Mac.

Check out the how-to and screenshots below to become familiar with this very useful application for your Mac.

AppFresh Overview


Note: When you run AppFresh for the first time you will be asked if you would like to enable support for installing applications. The folks at AppFresh remind us that this is a a work in progress and some features might not be ready for everyone. In other words, use automatic installation support at your own risk. If you decide to use this feature make sure you’ve backed up your Mac.


The application is very easy to use.

A. The pane on the right lists the application by status, type, vendors, and categories set by you.

B. When you click on a category it will list the applications belonging to the selected category. In the screenshot above I selected the applications with an Update Available.

C. When you click on a specific application you will be able to see details about the update.

How to Keep Mac Applications Updated with AppFresh


1. Click on Update Available under Status. Select all of the applications you wish to update.

2. Click on the Update button.


The updates for the applications will automatically download and install. You’re done.

Note: Some applications will require that you locate the update on the publisher’s website. I ran into this scenario with software from TechSmith.

Download AppFresh for Mac.

What do you use to keep applications on your Mac updated? Please use the comments section below.