Join Our Coverage of CES Unveiled in New York, November 9

CES Unveiled will kick off with market research experts Shawn DuBravac and Steve Koenig delivering their forecasts on holiday sales and end-of-year trend analysis. That will be followed by the 2011 International CES Press Conference with the Innovations Awards Announcement. We will also get a preview of upcoming electronics at the the CES [email protected] Showcase.


Exhibitors at CES New York Press Preview include:

  • Advanced Micro Devices
  • Cinemin (WowWee)
  • Cricket
  • HDMI Licensing, LLC
  • Lutron Electronics
  • Living in Digital Times
  • Mavizon Technologies
  • Optoma Technology
  • Palo Alto Audio Design, LLC
  • Reese’s
  • Samsung Mobile
  • Seeker Technologies
  • Sennheiser
  • Tremont Electric LLC

Make sure to tune in Tuesday, November 9th for live coverage of the event. Events start at 3:15PM and end at 8PMEST.

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