Internet Explorer 9 RC Now Available Through Automatic Updates


Internet Explorer 9 Beta has been out for a while now and Microsoft has decided to make the newly updated IE9 Release Candidate available for download and Automatic Update. Like any other update, IE9 Beta users will be greeted with the bubble update notification. The process won’t rollout to every right away and should be available for everyone soon.   The update process will include a prompt box asking you to Install, Ask me later, or Don’t Install. If you don’t install, you won’t be prompted any more to install the Release Candidate, but if you feel like you want to, you can still download it.

Alternatively, corporate users can use the newly released IE9 Automatic Update Blocker Toolkit to stop any automatic updates to IE9. This toolkit won’t stop any updates from the Beta to the Release Candidate or any further updates from pre-released versions of IE9, including the final version. Even though Microsoft feels that they have made IE9 very compatible for a corporate environment with backwards support for sites that were designed for previous Internet Explorer versions, they still have released the Blocker Toolkit for those who don’t feel the same.

Whether you’re an avid beta tester or a corporate environment, you still have the ability to control your browser updates.