How to Manually Configure Your Computer’s IP Address in Windows XP

View TutorialManually configuring IP address is sometimes a necessity and always good to know. For example you visit a friend who’s routers DHCP server is disabled (this is what allows the router to automatically assign IP addresses to devices accessing the network) in which case you would need to tell your wireless card what IP address to use, what gateway to find, and any other required information. As you can see knowing how to do this can be beneficial. Below you will find the instructions to perform this task. If you have any questions/comments please let me know.

1. Go to Start > Connect To > Show all Connections.

2. Choose your connection (In this case I selected my Wireless Connection), right-click on it and select Properties.

3. A dialog box opens, make sure you are under the General tab, select Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) from the list , and click on Properties.

4. Make sure to click on Use the following IP address and fill out the information for your computer. Click OK.