How to Resize Pictures the Easy Way

View Tutorial I use Photoshop for everything that involves picture manipulation, I even use photoshop to resize images, I have macro’s (actions) set up so that I can automate the process. I do find however that it would be much nicer just to right-click a picture, hit resize and I’m done. I found that one of Microsoft’s Power Toys does just that. Aside from being able to resize a picture by simply right-clicking on it, you can also use this on multiple pictures at the same time. I’ve been using the Power Toy for the past couple of days and find it extremely easy to use and very handy. Below you’ll find the link to the download and basic instructions on using the program. Below you will find instructions on how to resize your pictures the easy way. You can also view the one pager by clicking on the pic tutorial icon. As always comments/suggestions are always welcome.

Image Resizer Power Toy (via Microsoft) Download

1. Download and install the Image Resizer Power Toy

2. Once installed you can right-click on any picture or set of pictures and select resize from the menu

3. A dialog box will appear prompting you to select the resolution you wish to resize the images to as well as some advanced options.

4. Make your selections, click OK