Create Hierarchical Maps Like Those Used in ‘Smartmoney’s Map of the Market’

This Excel Add-in allows you to create treemaps which can be used to visually represented for easier interpretation, think of it like a multiple-level pie chart. I’ve seen maps (Smart Money’s Maps) like these used in the stock market to display different Market segments and their performance for any given day. If you’re interested in this add-in you can read the information below or view a more detailed description on Microsoft’s Website. If you need any help setting this up or using the add-in, I’ll be more than happy to help you.

Microsoft Treemapper with Excel Add-in: Download

What is a Hierarchical Data Model?

In a hierarchical data model, data is organized into a tree-like structure in such a way that it cannot have too many relationships. The structure allows repeating information using parent/child relationships. All attributes of a specific record are listed under an entity type. In a database, an entity type is the equivalent of a table; each individual record is represented as a row and an attribute as columns. Entity types are related to each other using 1: N mapping also known as one to many relationships.


Microsoft Research’s Community Technology Group is pleased to announce the availability of the Treemapper with Excel Add-In. The Treemapper is an innovative way to view hierarchical data conveniently from an Excel file.

System Requirements Treemapper requires Microsoft Excel 2003 Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows XP.

Installation Instructions Unzip the download file, then install the setup program. Then, from Excel, select Tools | Add-Ins, and check Treemapper.