How to Synchronize iPhone Voice Memos with the iTunes Library

When I started looking for ways to transcribe the voice memos located on my phone I quickly discovered that voice memos were only stored on the iPhone and not synced to iTunes.

Unfortunately this is the default setting in iTunes for these precious recordings. In this guide I will show you how to change that setting so that your Voice Memos are available on your iPhone and iTunes for your listening pleasure.

Sync Voice Memos to iTunes

You need to have your iPhone plugged in to your computer with iTunes running before proceeding.

Sync iPhone Voice Memos to iTunes

1. Click on the iPhone under Devices in the left pane of the iTunes window.

2. Click the Music tab in the main application window.

3. Make sure that Sync Music is enabled and check Include voice memos.

Note: If Sync Music is disabled you will need to enable it in order for this to work.

Sync Voice Memos iPhone Apply Changes

4. Click Apply to save the changes and sync your iPhone to iTunes.

Voice Memos Synced to iTunes

A. Once synced, you will be able to click on the Voice Memos playlist and listen to the voice memos on your computer.

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Software/Hardware used: iTunes 10.2 and an iPhone 4 running iOS4.3.