How to Publish Your Own Website or Blog Series

Publish Your Own Website Series

When I launched Gil’s Method 3 years ago, I never imagined that it would become what it is today. In the course of three years I have learned so much about the internet and its sheer size that at times I find myself overwhelmed with its constant change, however I comfort myself with the business that has grown out of publishing a website and the joy it brings me to help others around the world.

The purpose of this article is to serve as an introduction to a series that will be published in the coming weeks. I know a lot of people who enjoy browsing the internet and would love to have an opportunity to participate by publishing their own website or blog. I find that these same people who are enthusiastic about the prospect of publishing their own site are also concerned and overwhelmed with the idea of starting their own website. In order to address these concerns I decided to work on a series of articles that will cover the fundamental steps to launching your own site/blog. I will cover the basics, the intermediate, and later the more advanced aspects of publishing your own site. Let the listing below serve as guide to publishing your own website.

Note: All topics below will be published the next couple of weeks, I like to say that this listing is etched in Jello, as such topics will be added and may be removed. If you feel that there’s another topic that should be covered, please let me know.

Websites/Blogs Explained

Publishing on Your Own

To Blog or Not to Blog

The Basics

How to Install WordPress Using 1&1 Hosting

How to Install Drupal Using 1&1 Hosting

How to Install WordPress Using 1&1 Hosting


Publishing with Established Services

Free Services Compared

How to Publish with WordPress

How to Publish with Blogger

How to Publish with Google Sites


Getting the Word Out




…and more