How to Add A New User to Your WordPress Site

There may come a time where you hire additional editors to contribute to your WordPress website or you simply want to give someone access to your account for maintenance or support purposes.

In this guide I will show you how to create an additional user account in the latest version of WordPress.

Note: Depending on the role you choose while creating the account, the user may be a subscriber, a contributing writer or a full-blown admin, so choose wisely.

Software/Hardware used: WordPress 3.

1. Log in to the WordPress Dashboard.

Add new user account wordpress

2. Once logged in click the Users menu button on the navigation pane to the left.

3. You can click the Add New button or the Add New submenu link under Users. Either one will take you to the Add New User page.

Add new user account wordpress a

Fill our the Add New User form and make sure to choose a difficult password and write it down.

A. If you are creating the account for someone else it may be a good idea to check Send this password to the new user by email.

This is also a great option if you would like to store the password in your email account for future reference.

B. Choose the new user’s role from the list.

4. Click Add New User when you are done.

Add new user account wordpress b

Once the user is added, it will appear in the Users list along with other WordPress users.

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