Google Fixes the Little Things in Gmail


The members on the Gmail team are always finding new ways to update Gmail, but typically work on larger updates rather than the small annoyances you might find in Gmail. So, they’ve set out and changed a couple of minor updates that have probably been bugging you.

The first little update is having the ability to turn-off the auto-save for contacts. Before, Gmail would save every single email address you’ve entered or that has contacted you, just in case you ever need to find that email. From now on you have the ability to turn this nice feature off in the General tab under Settings.

The second little update is the fixing of email typos. Gmail would notify you if you incorrectly typed an email, such as a missed period or forgetting to add a .com. Gmail will now tell you which email has something wrong with it, something nice to have when you have a large list of emails you’re sending to.

More updates include adding a “refresh” button to refresh your email, a default shortcut “Shift + ?” which brings up an on-screen shortcut menu, and less pop-up notifications. Gmail has also added an easier transition between different actions, so that you can seamlessly get back to what you were doing, like when you’re saving a filter.

It’s good to see that the Gmail team is pointing out some minor flaws and letting us know they’ve fixed them. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter more than the big things.