Google Docs Gets a Copy and Paste Facelift


If you use Google Chrome for your browsing needs you can now upgrade to the latest version of the Web Clipboard extension for Chrome. Google released an update for this extension today, which gives improved copy and paste features. Nearly a year ago, Google released the original extension and has seen a few updates. The latest update includes a revamped user interface using a right-click menu. Using this menu you can copy and paste text and images from the web into the Google cloud. This now allows you to copy text from one computer and access it later either from the same computer or a computer halfway around the world; you just have to make sure you’re logged into your Google account.

You can download the extension here, but in order to use the features you must first use Google Chrome and secondly be logged-into your Google account.

There are a couple things you should also know about the extension. Whenever you install the extension it will only work on a new or refreshed page. The extension also doesn’t work for Gmail, but hopefully that will change in the future. Right now the only updates to the extension that are next in line are to fixing bugs with frames and adding copy/paste functionality for other things.

This is a great and simple Chrome extension which makes working and searching on a browser a lot easier. You can copy large amounts of text and save it for later or even have it copied for searches you make quite often. The possibilities are endless with this simple yet useful extension.