New Google Algorithm Changes Impacts 11.8% of Results


Changes to the Google search algorithm change quite often, but are typically minuscule updates.  Google has announced that one of their most recent changes is just the opposite. This new update has affected 11.8% of searches, which is quite a large number to say the least. However, Google says that they “have a responsibility to encourage a healthy web ecosystem.”

The new update ranks better quality sites and reduces the rankings of lower quality sites. For instance, if you’re copying content from other sites, chances are your rankings are going to drop. If you have original, unique and useful content, then chances are your rankings will increase.

This new update doesn’t include the update last week which included the Personal Blocklist for Chrome, but Google says that with this new algorithm change, 84% of sites that were reported with the Chrome extension were affected by the rankings, thus proving its effectiveness.

Right now the algorithm update is only effective in the U.S., but will eventually seed out to other countries over time. Like all algorithm changes, they are for the better. Google understands what good content is and what isn’t, so while seeding out the bad apples they are providing better search results for everyone else.