Gmail Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Your Blackberry

    As a frequent user of the Gmail mobile application for my Blackberry I find myself constantly accessing the help menu to view the shortcut keys and try to skip the menus in Gmail. I was quickly annoyed with the back and forth and decided to create a credit card sized cheat sheet with all the shortcuts. For a while the easy to access shortcut card solved the issue of back and forth between messages and the help menu, however I grew tired of pulling the card out of my wallet and decided to create a larger format of the shortcut keys to put on a cork board.

    When I was done with the poster I found it so useful that I decided to publish it here for everyone to use. In the mean time I’ll be working on similar shortcut posters for other Blackberry applications that I often use (Gtalk, Blackberry Messenger, Google Maps, Opera Browser, and others). If you have any suggestions for posters or tips to share, please post them below.

    Note: I also included the original wallet sized shortcut list (see below).

    Gmail Shortcut List (8.5X11 Poster)

    To download the large print PDF click on the image below.

    Gmail Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

    Gmail Shortcut List (Credit Card Sized)

    To download the credit card sized shortcut list click on the image below.

    Gmail Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

    If you have an idea for a shortcut list, please post it in the comment section below.