Gmail Contacts Now Easier To Use


Keeping in touch with your contacts is important, but organizing contacts quickly and efficiently isn’t always easy, even in Gmail. However, Gmail has added two new features to Gmail, making this easier to do.

The first feature added to Gmail is under the contacts menu. If you’re like me, you have various groups of people that you contact, whether it is friends, family, coworkers, etc. Adding contacts to specific groups previously required adding a new contact and then selecting which groups you wanted them to be in, individually. Now you can add multiple contacts to a specific group by click the “Add to ‘Group’” button and inserting the emails into the text box that drops down.

The second new feature Gmail has added to contact’s is the ability to select the same contact that has more than one email for more than one group. Say for instance you have friend who is also you’re co-worker, whom also has two email addresses. His work address you can select in your Coworkers group and then also select his personal address for your Friends group.

These two new updates to your Gmail contacts should help you add and manage your contacts more easily.