Get Answers to Your Technology Questions on Our New Answers Website

Answers gilsmethod anouncement answers thumbToday we are launching a brand new website designed to help technology users like you with the everyday problems you encounter while using gadgets and your computer.

The new Answers website is a community driven question and answer website where users can submit questions that will be answered by other users and me.

You can access and register for the new website for free by visiting Once you register you can submit questions or answer questions you may know how to solve.

Here’s a preview of the new website or you can always check it out yourself.

Answers Homepage

The homepage will provide you with a listing of the most Recent, Popular, Unanswered, and Random questions on our site.

Simply click on a heading to explore questions submitted by other users.

Answers gilsmethod anouncement

You can also use the search box to see if the problem you are having has already been addressed in a previous submission.

Asking a Question is Easy

If you don’t find a solution when you search our site the next thing you should do is click the big blue Ask a Question button.

Answers gilsmethod anouncement ask a question

Once submitted your question will appear in the question list and it will be ready for answers.

Get Answers from Experts

The online community is made up of experts and enthusiasts like myself that are eager to lend a hand to other users online.

As soon as a question is posted on the site I will be notified and I will make every attempt to answer as quickly as possible.

Of course there will be other users who will be eager as well and multiple answers may appear for a given question.

Answers gilsmethod anouncement answers

Your job is to pick the solution that works for you and designating it as such. This way other users benefit from your experience.

So what are you waiting for, get started submitting or answering questions on