Football and Baseball Fans Stay Updated with Yahoo’s Sportacular iPad App

Football and Baseball fans brace yourself for one of the greatest iPad apps in the App Store, Sportacular. Have you ever wanted to check the score for ongoing games while watching another game? Sure, you can switch channels to find out what is going on in another game, but do you really want to miss that one pass or tackle that defines a game? Probably not, instead you can turn on your iPad and open the Sportacular App that will give you near real-time updates of all professional football, college football, and baseball games. You can look up the stats for past games or see information about upcoming games. You can even get TV programming information. For those of you hoping to catch information for NBA, NHL, and other leagues, you are out of luck, for now. The folks at Yahoo promise that in the near future they will add more leagues and features.

With Yahoo! Sportacular HD you can:

Follow your favorite teams and leagues, including MLB, NFL, and NCAA football coverage

Check the score and game times in real time

Track play-by-play events and live player stats

Get TV station programming information

Software/Hardware Used: iPad running iOS 4.2 Beta.

Last Import - 1

Baseball game scores, statistics, and real-time game information.

Last Import - 4

NFL and College Footbal game scores, statistics, and game information.

Last Import - 3

1. You can switch between leagues to check information about different sports.

A. You can also set the B. Auto-refresh interval for game data.

This app looks like it will be very popular, but there are a couple of things that would have made this app even better:

  1. Game highlights videos.
  2. More leagues.
  3. Live video of games.
  4. Fantasy football section…the app already has the stats, might as well put them to good use.
  5. Integration with Facebook and Twitter.

To get the latest updates make sure to follow @Sportacular.

Download the App from iTunes.