Find Local Restaurants You Will Actually Like with Google Hotpot


Google Hotpot is a mash between Google Places, your recommendations, and those of your friends. The service matches your likes with those of your friends to give you recommendations to places you will actually like. All you have to do is head over to the Hotpot website and begin rating the places you’ve been to, then add your friends to the service (it’s all tied with Google Contacts so it’s pretty simple). After you’ve got all that going just rate places as you go using the updated Google Maps Android app or the Hotpot website. The more places you rate and friends you share with, the more accurate the recommendations when you search for restaurants online. The recommendation engine follows you when you search with Google Maps, Place Search, and on your mobile phone.


Ratings are very easy to enter, visit the Hotpot website and click on a star to set the number of stars and enter a reason why you liked a particular restaurant (optional).


Entering ratings with Google Maps on Android is equally simple, tap on the place from the list of places and tap Rate and review at the bottom of the Places Page. Enter your rating just like you would on the Hotpot website. Tap Post and you’re set.