How to Enable FaceTime on the iPhone 4

Did you an iPhone 4, but don’t know how to make FaceTime calls? Before you can make or take FaceTime calls you first need to enable the feature on your iPhone. The video and guide below will show you how to enable FaceTime on your iPhone so that you can start making FaceTime phone calls right away.

FaceTime is a new feature introduced in iOS4 and currently supported by the iPhone 4, iPod Touch, and Macs with the front facing camera that allows you to make real-time video phone calls. The feature is currently limited to Wi-Fi calling and requires that both parties have a FaceTime enabled iPhone, Mac, and iPod Touch.

UPDATE: Apple recently announced that you can now make FaceTime calls to and from your Mac, check it out here.

Video: How to Enable FaceTime on iPhone

Software/Hardware used: I used an iPhone 4 running iOS 4 for this tutorial.

How to Enable FaceTime on the iPhone Guide

1. Tap Settings in the Home Screen.

2. Tap Phone in the Settings page.

3. Toggle ON FaceTime in the Phone page.

When activated, just press the Home Screen to open the Phone app and start making FaceTime calls.