Create Photosynths On-the-go with the Photosynth App


Photosynth, Bing’s latest app, has a full set of features available for iOS devices as well as Windows Phone’s soon. Photosynth is a new way to take panoramas on your mobile device.

The app uses the latest computer vision technology to help you take panoramas easily and quickly. The app allows you to see the panorama in real-time right on your phone.

Panoramas can be uploaded as images to Facebook or you can upload an interactive experience to, which allows you to host your panoramas for free, otherwise you can store them on your phone.

You also have the ability to connect other users to where you’ve been using Bing Maps. If there is a local business listing in Bing Maps you can upload the panorama right to the business listing so that others can get a full view of the business, whether it’s a museum, restaurant or amusement park.

It’s a pretty unique app, but it’s best to check out the video below to see the app in action:

Video: Microsoft Photosynth App – April 2011

What you can do with Photosynth:

  • See your panorama take shape with each picture you take
  • Get high-resolution results in all directions with advanced, on-device stitching
  • See most panoramas within seconds of taking your last picture
  • Zoom, pan, stretch, and view your panorama in landscape or portrait mode
  • Save and view your panoramas on your device and view them online at