Create a My Map to Help Others Get Around Town


Over the summer, many students sublet their apartments when away from college, so it’s important to have someone pickup your rent and use the apartment while you’re gone. Thousands upon thousands of students in your town are looking to do the same thing as you are, but you have to stay one step ahead of them. My Maps, a new Google Maps feature allows you to quickly and easily share a personalized map with a few people using a generated link, or share with everyone searching Google. This is just one example of how this new feature can be used.

My Maps is quick and easy to setup. Just simple go to and click on the My Maps link on the upper left corner. You can find places just like you normally would in Google Maps. Once you find a location you like you can add it to your map by clicking the red pin and then saving it to your desired map. You can also add custom locations, titles, icons and descriptions of locations in the area. It would be nice if you could point out the quickest route to the grocery store, gas station, or even some other tid-bit of information; any additional info will help get your sublet occupied.

The My Maps feature can be used for thousands of applications. Got a weekend event coming up? Point out places to eat and places to stay for your guests.

This is one of those new features that is open to endless possibilities, what will you use it for?