New Chrome Beta Has 66% Performance Increase


The latest release of Chrome Beta is revealing quite the speed performance in JavaScript. V8 Benchmarks are seeing a 66% increase for intense JavaScript applications over the current version of Chrome. New features like new password sync to go right along with the completely redesigned browser settings. With the newly added benefits of GPU-acceleration for videos, CPU performance has dropped up to as much as 80% in full-screen mode. This of course, depends on what the power of your graphics card is. A graphics card from 5 years ago won’t see as big of an improvement as one from this year would.

The new password sync feature allows you to save your passwords, bookmarks, preferences, themes and extensions across multiple computers. All you have to do is enable the sync feature in the “Personal Stuff” area of the browser settings.

The new Chrome settings menu will now appear in a new tab, rather than a separate menu. Finding settings in this new tab is much easier and quicker to find with the new search feature. Using this search feature is a great way to find URLs for specific settings, which are now a feature in Chrome. Right in the browser you can navigate to a URL such as chrome://settings/passwordManager. Check out the video below to get a live example of the new features: