Bing Getting More Social Searches


A little over a week ago, we posted some changes that Google had made to their Social Search results, which included input from social sites like Twitter, Blogger and Flickr. Now we’re seeing similar changes to the Bing search results. Bing has now expanded its search results to include “Liked Results” from your Facebook friends. Any links, places or other types of information that has either been “liked” or “shared” by your friends on Facebook will automatically show up under the search result that it’s connected with. While they won’t show up in the top results, like some of the Google social searches, they will still be distinguishable from other results. Here’s a before screenshot of the listings for some Napa Valley bed and breakfasts:

And the after results, where some people have liked a particular bed and breakfast:

The results aren’t going to show up every time you make a search, especially if your friends don’t share a lot of things that you search for.

It’s a cool idea to see what you’ve friends have liked or shared, but I don’t think this is a practical or an everyday occurrence. You’ll be lucky if you see any search results from your friends, but it’s still a nice idea to see what you’re friends are interested in while you’re on a searching spree.