New Bing Bar, ‘Engineered from the ground up’, Available for Download


Bing has now released a completely revamped Bing Bar, which has been “Engineered from the ground up”. The new Bing Bar is supposed to make everyday tasks much easier and faster to accomplish. It was designed with the user in mind keeping present the pros and cons of previous versions. Let’s take a look at some of the main features:


Facebook notifications now show up on the toolbar and allow you to quickly view Facebook updates such as the News Feed, Photos, Friend Requests, Messages, and other Alerts.

Search Bar

Instead of being on the left side of the bar it’s now in the center of the toolbar. The search bar now has an Instant approach by allowing you to type what you want and go to the search results with minimal clicking. The dropdown results from the search bar will show search history results in purple, suggestions in black, and deep links on the top.

Bing Rewards

This is actually just a preview of the Bing Rewards program, which is currently available in the US only. The new program will give you an incentive to search and use the Bing toolbar/search engine. The credits you earn can be used for real items like gift cards for Amazon, Starbucks and others. If you sign up, by clicking the Bing Rewards icon, you will receive 250 credits free.

This is just a preview of the many features of the Bing Bar. You can download the new Bing Bar to get a better understanding of the new bar or you can check out the full 9 minute video which goes over the Bing Bar.