6 Bing Search Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

In a recent blog post by the Bing team they published a document containing information about Bing’s query language. In it I found a couple of useful query syntaxes that will improve your ability to use Bing for search. I’ve only listed 6 out of 38 parameters and you’ll soon see why I chose these 6. If you know of any other Bing search tricks, please use the comments form below.

1. filetype:


When you use the filetype: syntax while performing a Bing search, the search results will be limited to sites that contain the file type you are searching for.

Example Windows 7 filetype:pdf

2. define


When performing a search enter the word define before the term you wish to find a definition for. You will notice that right below the search box the Results area will list definitions for the term you are looking for.

Example define gravity

3. domain:


When you use the domain parameter and specify a URL, the search will only be performed on the domain you specified.

Example domain:www.gilsmethod.com

4. imagesize:


The imagesize syntax is specific to image search using Bing, you can specify the size of returned images by using the following parameters: Small, Medium, and Large.

Example paris imagesize:large

5. language:


Returns webpages written in a specific language. Specify the language code directly after the language: keyword. For valid language codes, see Bing API Version 2 Documentation.

Example “twitter” language:es

6. loc:/location:


Returns websites from a specific country or region. Specify the country or region code directly after the loc: keyword, see Bing API Version 2 Documentation.

Example – twitter loc:ES