5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Windows XP

1. Windows has a Scientific Calculator.

To use the scientific calculator, open the standard calculator, click View from the toolbar and select Scientific Calculator.

2. Hitting F11 on your keyboard will make Internet Explorer go into full screen mode. (Also applies to Firefox)

3. You can change Window’s Search Companion.

When you are in search mode in Windows Explorer, click on Change Preferences then click With a different character, if you’re familiar with Office’s help characters you’ll notice some familiar faces.

4. You can customize the icons used for your folders.

Open the folder you wish to customize, click View > Customize this Folder, at the bottom of the dialog box click on the Change Icon button, select your icon, and click OK.


5. If you like XP’s new Start Menu, but also would like to have My Computer, My Documents, and other common desktop icons appear on your desktop simultaneously. You can. Normally you would create a shortcut of your ‘My Computer’ icon, but who wants that ugly shortcut arrow?

Right-click on your Desktop from the drop down menu select Properties, click on the Desktop tab and click on Customize Desktop. Go to the General tab and select the Desktop Icons you would like to place on your desktop. OK to exit boxes.